Heveco is the only block-cut peat moss producer in North America. Using this distinctive technique which preserves the quality and coarseness of the peat, we are able to produce distinctive, high-performance
peat moss and mixes.

A unique process

The raw material is physically removed to dry, leaving a continuous trench. The latter is accomplished with a block cutting machine, which cuts a section three feet wide and three feet deep out of the bog in block form. This three feet cut from the bog results in a very uniform cross section of the natural deposit of peat moss.

During the cutting process, the cutting machine displaces each row of blocks to enable air flow between blocks which is necessary for drying. These new blocks remain in the field over the winter. The cold and freezing will draw water from the blocks continuing the drying process.

In June or July of the following year, weather permitting, in the following year the latter block cut fields are revisited. To help the blocks dry more completely prior to harvesting, they have to be repiled. The blocks will dry for another 2 to 3 months before harvesting.

The blocks give up the natural water very slowly. The drying process for the peat blocks preserves to a maximum air and moisture holding capacities of the peat cells. These are benefits for Heco mixes that are manufactured from Block Cut Peat.

Harvesting of the dried blocks is done by a two row harvesting machine. As this unit progresses down the windrows, it picks up the dried blocks. The harvested material is gathered in carts. Then hauled either to the winter pile or directly to the factory for processing.