Founded in 1962, Heveco was the first peat moss producer in Canada to manufacture commercially available mixes.

Heveco’s production site is concerned and respectful of the environment by its practices. Along with the Canadian Spagnum Peat Moss Association, Heveco is aiding in the research for the reconditioning of peat harvesting areas.

The goals for Heveco are to become a recognized leader within the peat moss industry serving the north american and international peat moss market, and to establish long term relationships through quality products worldwide.

In addition to serving North American clients, Heveco exports to Asia, South America and countries within the Pacific Rim.

In 2011, Heveco has been acquired in majority by Fafard et Frères, a Quebec based manufacturer of peat moss, grower mixes and retail products for the canadian market. Since fall 2014, both Heveco and Fafard et Frères are under the umbrella of The Scotts Company but each keep their respective identities and markets.